Marketing strategy must be sustainable to create a “win-win”

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Customer / Consumer / Client is the ultimate authority in any business. There should always be an urge to create that trust and display clear purpose in order to build a long term relationship.

Neither of the following will work: Business is to Customer / Consumer / Client

  1. Win – Lose: If the intent is to provide short term benefits to the users in order to lure and attract, will only be a permanent support and will eventually lapse and fail to sustain. Basically, marketing strategies should not be short sighted, rather should align with the values of the enterprise in order to retain the users for long-term rather than being one-time users. Way too competitive and attractive marketing strategy will help in customer acquisition but might not help in retention. Eventually will create a Lose – Lose situation only.
  2. Lose – Win: If the marketing strategy is user centric, eventually the enterprise itself will not sustain and be able to grow for itself. The users will derive benefits and the enterprise will not be able to hold up to live up to the expectations and eventually will create a Lose – Lose situation only.
    For example: One time discounts and offers is a good marketing strategy but not necessarily sustainable. Brands which grow are such which are consistent with their marketing strategies by aligning the values and long-term vision of creating value for users / customers / consumers / clients.