Jyot Baxi is an associate member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (‘ICAI’). He has a keen interest in understanding the businesses and getting as close as possible to make them better. He enjoys advising on strategic decisions. Jyot has an entrepreneurial outlook and wishes to create a synergy by integrating his passion and experience for thriving participation in this profession.

Jyot is a Risk professional. He ventured into the forensic area from the very early post-qualification days and undertook the certificate course offered by ICAI in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection (‘FAFD’). He has been an avid learner and student of this field ever since and has core on-field experience in this niche domain in his nascent phase of the professional career.

He is also a Sustainability Reporting and ESG enthusiast and has undertaken the certificate course offered by ICAI in Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (‘BRSR’). Jyot wishes to engage in developing contemporary solutions to direct organisations towards enhanced environmental, social and governance-related causes.

He aspires to contribute in multiple ways and compounding capacities to the professional fraternity. Jyot is passionate about research, studies, and further academic involvement in his areas of interest.  He understands the value of social and human capital and aspires to bring everything together as an individual.

Our Infrastructure

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Our Aspiration​

The firm is founded with a vision of creating a complete professional eco-system with a focus on value creation internally within the firm as well as amongst the external stakeholders and professional fraternity. The culture model of the firm is at the core to achieve long-term standing.

Our Purpose

We as a firm want to play a role in contributing to the industry, businesses, and economic system at large by venturing into business consultancy, advisory, risk management and mitigation. We want to promote fair and best practices in building a spectrum of stakeholders and positively influencing them. We believe in a “grow together” policy and thereby want to integrate, collaborate, network and produce excellent results with progress.

Our Culture

We have a unique integration of values, principles and ideologies into the culture model, well-knit and structured to achieve a stand-out acknowledgement. We feel that this model will enable us to achieve our purpose and reach our aspirations.

Happiness and Enjoyment

Happiness and Enjoyment is the primary check box to be ticked both with internal and external individuals. There should be a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of completeness. The firm will be a catalyst for everyone associated with the firm to ensure everyone enjoys and stays happy.

Macro thought process for the internal members

One Team, One Family

We want to promote a culture of togetherness, shared responsibilities, and put others first. Everyone is a leader who understands team accountability, individual accountability, works with enthusiasm and creates a cheerful atmosphere. This will enable a true feeling of one team and one family internally at the firm.

Challenge the Status Quo

This part of our ideology encourages and drives towards innovation, constant improvement and evolving every day in whatever we do. We do not believe in taking anything for granted and shall challenge ourselves to bring a positive and long-lasting impact in whatever we do.

Micro aspects of the model

Transparency Honest Trust

These values are the core of our execution, deliverable and communication within and otherwise in the firm. There is an absolute non-tolerance policy towards principles of Respect, Humility and Dignity. We believe in being straightforward, maintaining a perspective and having an open mind.

Substance is Strength

We thrive to acquire understanding, learn and un-learn regularly to make sure our core substance of technical skills, knowledge and academic capabilities are the strongest pillars in our value creation. We focus on making things simple with clear fundamentals laid out.

Passionate Pro-active Performance

These values are what we believe to be our unique driver towards value creation with the right blend of passion, being pro-active and performing to the highest standards possible in order to set good benchmarks. We understand that perseverance will enable us to lead to our purpose and aspirations.